2024 – challenges are opportunities

December 2023 | Astrology

Dear Friends of HAUT & SEIN,

In 2024, we will continue our journey through the astrological Air Era. In my last yearly horoscopes, I already emphasised the challenges of this era, which has represented a revolutionary turning point since 2020.

The transition of Pluto from Capricorn to Aquarius between March and June 2023 undoubtedly marked a high point of particular significance. During this time span, AI technology became accessible to everyone. This not only emphasises the rapid development in this area, but also fits into a framework in which major social changes are imminent. Pluto embodies not only challenges, but also profound experiences of influence and powerlessness. At the same time, however, it harbours the potential for renewal and healing. In the era of Pluto in Capricorn, as a symbol of social order, the basic principles of togetherness were critically questioned. The focus on success and performance, combined with an uninterrupted pursuit of growth, increasingly replaced the appreciation of individuality and personal fulfilment.

In the last 200 years of the Earth Era, revolutions in industry, technology and medicine took centre stage – with measurable successes, but also an excessive consumption of resources. Now we are entering an era that is focusing on priorities that must be redefined. Old habits need to be reconsidered in favour of innovative ways of thinking and acting. The digital world is accelerating rapidly and, at the same time, mental flexibility, creativity, spirituality and holistic thinking are gaining in importance. In the astrological Air Era, it becomes clear that inner mental growth can be achieved by feeling and strengthening one’s own being. A deep connection unfolds when we realise that we are all interconnected and globally connected. Overcoming the feeling of separation and critically questioning the status quo are of great importance. By taking more personal responsibility, we unfold our potential and create space for compassion, mutual consideration and cooperation – these are attitudes that correspond to this new era, even if this may not yet seem so in view of current events in the world.

Despite the persistence of vested interests on the part of financial players and corporate leaders, the community of visionary thinkers will grow in order to contribute with persuasive power and help create something new with inner strength. The current rhetoric of war, the energy crisis and the challenges in healthcare reflect our social standpoint and clearly show what changes are immediately necessary.

On 21 January 2024, Pluto moves from Capricorn into the sign of Aquarius in the second round, marking the actual departure of an old era. This transition will decisively drive the future developments of the Air Era and stands for individual development opportunities as well as an innovative definition of freedom. Pluto in Aquarius overturns old values to create space for new ideas and deeper cooperation.

Between 2 September and 19 November, Pluto enters Capricorn once again before finally moving into the sign of Aquarius for a good 20 years. This powerful change creates space for new structures. A similar constellation last took place during the French Revolution and paved the way for democracy.

Pluto is not the only one to exert its influence in the new year. On 21 April, the planet of happiness Jupiter and the reformation planet Uranus create a harmonious connection in the practical sign of Taurus – a rare constellation that only occurs every 14 years. This alignment promises a certain ease in letting go of the old and the outdated. Uranus encourages us to see all things new as an exciting alternative, while the harmonious connection to Jupiter makes it possible to implement changes calmly.

Saturn and Neptune remain in the empathetic sign of Pisces throughout the year. From January to May, they form harmonious constellations that can have a positive effect on our personal sphere and possibly support us during this turbulent time. Nevertheless, this overall constellation means that we will continue to cling to outdated ideas from the past era in the first half of the year. It is only in the second half of the year that the forces of future energies of the Air Era will make themselves felt.

On 26 May, Jupiter enters the sign of Gemini, while Lilith moves into Libra on 29 June. Lilith represents the instinctive feminine elemental force, strength and emancipation. Until 27 March 2025, it promotes new approaches to fairness and balance in interpersonal relationships. Together with Pluto in Aquarius, they form a trio that strengthens the energy of the future.

Despite the uncertainties and insecurities, we have a unique opportunity to transform our consciousness. The astrological constellations of 2024 actively support this personal spiritual growth. The rapid development of the digital world, particularly through technologies such as artificial intelligence, will bring about a profound change in social structures, which will become more apparent in the second half of the year in particular. This development can have both positive and negative effects and opens doors in various directions. An overwhelming amount of information, which is often also confusing, challenges us and it seems almost impossible to gain a complete overview of the context. The abundance of distractions impressively shows us how important it is to create a harmonious balance between emotions, logic and intuition.

Global events in recent years have made us acutely aware that we are all fated to be connected. We currently have the impression that loneliness is on the rise. But what if we learnt the exact opposite lesson? Because the path we have chosen also harbours the opportunity to unfold and blossom within a larger whole. Compassion, mutual consideration and cooperation are attitudes of the new era.

From July 2023 to January 2025, the ascending lunar node is in the pioneering sign of Aries. This emphasises the need for self-development and encourages us to establish a deeper connection with our inner self. The focus on the self and the unfolding of our unique power are at the centre. The ascending lunar node points to the future and indicates upcoming challenges. The descending lunar node is in the harmony-emphasising sign of Libra, symbolising the past and marking possible conclusions. This period not only promises more independence, assertiveness and personal growth, but also a fascinating dynamic in interpersonal relationships. Particularly between early February and mid March, and sometimes into April, couples have the opportunity to rethink mutual agreements and renegotiate outdated structures. From my perspective, the influence of this constellation on 22 February in Aquarius is a significant moment of renewal in love. Here Venus and Mars meet Pluto in Aquarius, which offers the opportunity to strengthen affection, devotion and connection. However, this requires a mutual willingness to accept each other as we are.

The months of August, September and October once again represent an important phase for relationships. Sensitivity and consideration are required during this time while doors open for creative new directions. It is a time when couples can explore new ways to deepen their relationship and grow together. This transitional period continuing into 2024 may be upsetting and challenging, but it also offers the opportunity to let go of what is outdated in favour of new development opportunities. The need for change becomes clearer. There is room for the courage to tread new paths.

In 2024, Mercury and Mars will at times be in retrograde. Special attention should be paid to this, as during these times strength tends to be directed inwards and is restricted in its outward deployment. At the same time, energy becomes more alert, conscious and concentrated, combined with the desire to engage only with what is being focused on. Sorting things out and creating order are on the agenda.

Mercury in retrograde:

13 December 2023 to 2 January 2024
2 April to 25 April 2024
5 August to 28 August 2024
26 November to 15 December 2024

Mercury in retrograde often leads to difficulties in traffic, trade and travel. Suddenly, many things no longer run as smoothly as usual. New projects are put on hold, and patience is required. More misunderstandings can occur in communication. We need longer to understand how things are connected. Where possible, contracts should not be concluded during this time. If you are buying technical devices, technical faults may occur and they may have a short life span. During this time, we often have to face up to the past. Be more attentive during this period and always read the small print.

Mars in retrograde:

7 December 2024 to 24 February 2025

Mars is usually the planet of power and action, but not when it’s in retrograde. Energy does not flow freely enough and therefore makes us more nervous and irritable. Everything that has to do with traffic and locomotion is affected by disturbances. This is an excellent time to put energy into tidying up. Use this time to start something you have been planning to do for a while or finish something you started some time ago and would now like to complete.

Go boldly forward into the next phase of a new era! I will be happy to accompany you.

I am always there for you and offer astrological consultations with expertise and empathetic guidance. Your birth chart not only reveals individual life themes, but also shows what challenges and opportunities your path through life holds. It is up to you to shape these opportunities. The birth chart is your compass. Let us delve into the fascinating world of your stars together and reveal the unique mosaic of your personality.

A holistic concept remains at the centre of my work: high-quality cosmetics, sensitive coaching and a harmonious cosmos. I would like to briefly introduce you to two new treatments.

COSMOS AND COSMETICS is an interplay of my sensitive perception and the influences of your individual cosmos. Birth chart and cosmetic treatment come together here – illuminated by different personality traits.

IN TOUCH is a compact version of my popular UNDER THE SKIN concept. It is ideal for an initial familiarisation or as an in-depth treatment after previous sessions. Experience, together with me, how clearing and organising your inner self can also have a positive influence on your outer appearance.

I wish you a peaceful festive season and a magical start to 2024! May the coming year give us all the clarity, determination and spiritual freedom we need to master the challenges of this new era. We are on this journey together – and in cooperation lies the strength that will guide us through this time of change.

Warmest regards,

Jana Pákozdi

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