20 Years of HAUT & SEIN

July 2024 | HAUT & SEIN

Dear friends of HAUT & SEIN,

When I founded HAUT & SEIN on Mulackstraße in Berlin twenty years ago and chose the name for this special concept, I had no idea what wonderful developments would emerge from it. This journey has shown that a vision can evolve into a deep and enriching practice that touches both the skin and the inner being of my clients. Without your trust, your feedback, and your support, the treatment concepts could not have developed into what they are today.

My professional journey also includes certifications as a Psychotherapeutic Practitioner, Personal Coach (NLP Practitioner, DVNLP), as well as further training in business coaching, communication and counseling training, and in the fields of astrology and psychology. This broad range of competencies allows me to advise and accompany people holistically, sensitively engaging with their unique presence and guiding them to inner strength and clear answers.

To mark the twentieth anniversary of HAUT & SEIN, my new website went live. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my friend Kai Gehrmann for his mental support, patience, and continuous interest in my personal development both in my work and as a person. Special thanks also go to him and his agency S/O/G for creating my website. Additionally, I thank Nadine Schemmann for her wonderful illustrations. The new website is not only more beautiful but also more user-friendly.

In my practice, I dedicate myself to refining your senses and strengthening your intuition. This gentle support is intended to help you clearly recognize your own potential, develop self-confidence, and boldly pursue your own path. The subconscious, as a source of surprising and at the same time coherent solutions, plays an essential role. It meets you exactly where you are. The subconscious not only provides orientation but also confirms what you have already intuitively grasped. These insights enable you to find inner peace and gain the confidence to make decisions and implement them powerfully.

Your feedback inspired me to create COSMOS AND COSMETICS – an offering that couples my sensitive perception with the influence of your personal cosmos. This treatment, based on your birth chart, illuminates various aspects of your personality and enables you to focus on your specific concerns. Together, we bring out your inner and outer radiance.

My years of experience show that the combination of a sensitive approach and classic coaching is a very powerful method to accompany people on their path of self-development and realization. By combining these two approaches, I can address both the conscious and unconscious levels of my clients’ being. This allows for a more holistic view and treatment of individual issues and provides comprehensive support that is not only aimed at achieving external goals but also at inner growth, well-being, and the development of a harmonious self.

Over the years, I have made a remarkable observation: During cosmetic treatments, where I position myself physically behind my clients instead of sitting directly opposite, a unique form of relaxation and openness unfolds. This arrangement, without direct eye contact, seems to promote a deeper sense of calm that goes beyond physical relaxation. In this protected space, my clients often find it easier to connect with themselves, allowing for a more intense immersion into personal themes. It creates a relaxed dialogue in which we can explore depths together.

This insight has inspired me to combine cosmetic care with the principles of sensitive coaching. I believe this synergy offers a unique access to the deeper layers of the self. By nurturing and beautifying the outer shell, we simultaneously open up a space in which the inner being can unfold. Thus, each of our encounters becomes not only a cosmetic treatment but also a journey that fosters clarity in emotional and spiritual dimensions.

With IN TOUCH, I present a condensed version of the popular treatment UNDER THE SKIN – ideal for a first acquaintance or as a continuation and deepening of previous sessions. Experience my holistic approach, which not only improves your skin but also harmonizes the inner and outer aspects of your life.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the trust and loyalty you have shown me over the years. It is a great joy and honor for me to walk the path of beauty and deep well-being with you.

Yours sincerely,

Jana Pákozdi

PS: Due to the high demand for Saturday appointments, I recommend contacting me in advance in writing or by phone to arrange a suitable date. To book an appointment, please visit my website at www.hautundsein.de, select your treatment, and book your preferred spot directly online.

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