Holistic cosmetics.
Highly sensitive coaching.
Harmonious cosmos.

Each of us writes our own story.

Welcome to HAUT & SEIN and my philosophy based on holistic (skin)care! Many aspects of our life stories are reflected in how we look. This has as much to do with our understanding of our own skin as with our understanding of our own personality. But it’s also about our posture, our gestures, facial expressions, the way we speak, the way we express ourselves, the impression we make, how we live, our very BEING. After all, our BEING (SEIN) is reflected in our SKIN (HAUT). It’s all about the little ways in which we express our feelings, our personal experiences, our behaviour, as well as the COSMETICS we use – the entire way in which we interact with our surroundings, the environment and the COSMOS.

What you can expect from me

Haut & Sein

To find yourself – and achieve harmony, on the inside and on the outside

This is where I bring everything together that, for me, belongs together, combining beauty treatments with my sensitive perception. I will take you on a journey to find your inner strengths and the answers you need for your life in the here and now, offering you a wonderful opportunity to relax and focus on yourself and your own feelings.

The skin is the mirror of the soul –
and my gateway to your inner self.


Beauty that goes beneath the skin – for him and her

Looking good has a great deal to do with self-awareness, self-confidence and inner harmony, as well as with a well-groomed and radiant appearance of course. I am passionate about my work as a beautician and would like to help you improve your complexion in a targeted and lasting way. For your personal wellbeing, I can offer you a range of treatments tailored to your skin.


Holistic advice and sensitive coaching

My sensitive perception allows me to connect to your own special presence. Everything you have experienced and your current circumstances, in both your private and your professional life, are perceived with more intensity than if we just discussed things on a purely rational level. I will then go through the insights I gain with you and put them into order. This will give you a clear picture of your overall situation, helping you to make better decisions and use these deep insights to work out where you are going from here.

The magic is in the connection between the inside and the outside.


Astrological consultations and a look at the stars

I have been fascinated with astrology for over 25 years. It gives me inspiration, as well as confirmation of my highly developed senses. An astrological analysis will help you to look at yourself and others in a different way and understand where your strengths and energy come from, as well as the challenges you face in your life. A birth chart or horoscope is always unique, and all the subsequent planetary movements will therefore have a resonance. They will influence and shape your own individual path through life.

The products I work with

For my beauty treatments, I work exclusively with outstanding and natural beauty products from well-known brands, which are also suitable for the needs of sensitive skin. It goes without saying that all the products are available to buy independently of any treatment in my studio.


My name is Jana Pákozdi (born in 1971),
Psychological counsellor and coach, alternative psychotherapy practitioner, NLP practitioner, astrologer and state-certified beauty therapist.

Let us bring your skin and being into balance!

My name is Jana Pákozdi (born in 1971),
Psychological counsellor and coach, alternative psychotherapy practitioner, 
NLP practitioner, astrologer and state-certified beauty therapist.

When they come to me, my clients learn about how closely their skin and being are interlinked and about how they interact. They are people who are open to different points of view and want to look at a topic from various angles. I will look at you as an individual, use my highly developed perception to feel my way into your internal and external self, and then work out an approach to treatment tailored to your needs.

Based on my holistic treatment concept, this varies from a cosmetic facial treatment to suit you as an individual, focussing on internal themes, sensitive coaching and astrological consultations with a round-up of your individual constellations and time qualities. My approach involves accompanying you on your journey through a relaxed and radiant life, providing you with ongoing support as you define your own wishes and concepts.


What’s new at Haut & Sein

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2024 – challenges are opportunities

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A new look for HAUT & SEIN

A new look for HAUT & SEIN

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2024 – challenges are opportunities

2023 – turbulent Times

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