Experience your own uniqueness.

BEING – 01

Being yourself – sensitive coaching for him and her

With my sensitive coaching, I aim to support you as you recognise the things that really fit in with your own way of life and values. This will help you get closer to achieving your goals in life.

My highly sensitive sense of perception will allow us to take a look at your own personal situation in a wider context, from various points of view and at all levels. I will take your own uniqueness into account, as well as your past, present and future potential. This will allow me to gain differentiated access to the areas that you may well not even be aware of yet. Our discussions will provide you with deep insights into how you think and feel, giving you the potential to gain a deeper understanding of causes, interactions and, above all, of yourself.

My work will enable you to refine and sharpen your senses and your perception and to enhance your intuition. You will gain the courage to trust yourself and go your own personal way. You will understand situations better and maintain your strength and oversight even in difficult situations. You will feel inner fulfilment, energy and joie de vivre, creativity and drive. You will feel more inner harmony and will be less easily influenced.

My work should inspire you to grasp those internal feelings and thoughts that shape your reality on the outside. As you become aware of these interconnections, you will be able to change them.

My recommendation

If you have a particular concern or are in a situation with more extensive or challenging issues to deal with, I recommend booking my 90-minute treatment.

60 minutes €120
90 minutes €170

BEING – 02

Being professional – sensitive coaching for businesses

Each company has its own identity, its own aura and its own appeal. Discover the true strengths of your business! Uncover hidden potential and find the right balance between the small and larger components of the company. I can help you to do so with my sensitive perception and strong sense of empathy. During my work, I will examine you as a person as well as the role you play as part of a company. I will work with you to get an external view of your company and recognise your position within the entire system. I will detect the flow of energy, dynamics and complex interrelationships, along with potential conflicts and problems. We will then go on to look at my findings together and explore potential solutions.

If you change as a person, this will also have an effect on your career, your business partners and your environment. It will also have an impact on the way your employees work together or against each other, on your customers, your products and services and, last but not least, on your image. You will gain a deep understanding of human interaction, be able to recognise any weak points and any connections that had remained hidden until now. You will discover new perspectives, become more genuine and allow your talents to unfold. I would like to help you recognise and live up to your full potential and your calling. Let yourself be guided by your inner path and make your decisions in harmony with yourself, with clarity and without any doubts!

Recognise your hidden potential and discover the true strengths of your business.



Skin & Being

To find yourself – and achieve harmony, on the inside and on the outside

This is where I bring everything together that, for me, belongs together, combining beauty treatments with my sensitive perception. I will take you on a journey to find your inner strengths and the answers you need for your life in the here and now, offering you a wonderful opportunity to relax and focus on yourself and your own feelings.


Beauty that goes beneath the skin – for him and her

Looking good has a great deal to do with self-awareness, self-confidence and inner harmony, as well as with a well-groomed and radiant appearance of course. I am passionate about my work as a beautician and would like to help you improve your complexion in a targeted and lasting way. For your personal wellbeing, I can offer you a range of treatments tailored to your skin.


Astrological consultations and a look at the stars

I have been fascinated with astrology for over 25 years. It gives me inspiration, as well as confirmation of my highly developed senses. An astrological analysis will help you to look at yourself and others in a different way and understand where your strengths and energy come from, as well as the challenges you face in your life. A birth chart or horoscope is always unique, and all the subsequent planetary movements will therefore have a resonance. They will influence and shape your own individual path through life.

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