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July 2023 | HAUT & SEIN

Dear Friends of HAUT & SEIN,

When I opened my studio in 2004, I didn’t know how many exceptional and valuable encounters I would have with so many wonderful people. I didn’t realise back then how quickly the years would fly by. Similarly, just as you might be finding your own way with my support, I am also treading new paths in our shared experience, thanks to the carefully considered feedback shared by many of my long-standing clients.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank from the bottom of my heart all those who have enriched and accompanied my life journey until now.

I am absolutely delighted to finally be able to present you with my new-look website in a brand new design. Clear navigation on my website means you can find out about the treatments I offer in detail. My work continues to focus on a holistic treatment concept in the broadest sense, with high-quality cosmetics, sensitive coaching and a harmonious cosmos. A cosmetic facial treatment tailored to your personality, focussing on internal themes, sensitive coaching and astrological consultations with a round-up of your individual constellations and time qualities.

Due to high demand, I have come up with a new treatment offer. This is a combination of what my sensitive perception comes up with and a not-to-be-underestimated share of what our cosmos, your cosmos, radiates back to you. COSMOS AND COSMETICS is perhaps the most amazing and most individual new treatment you and I have ever seen. The starting and finishing point for this beauty treatment is your birth chart. Your birth chart reveals the various characteristics, challenges and resources that shape your life. Building on this, light can be shed on certain key themes that are of particular importance to you.

The treatment can begin and develop in quite different ways. However, it will always provide a view of the essential, as well as an overview of the bigger picture. It is the optimum COSMETIC treatment for you and your SKIN, taking a holistic view of the oscillations of the cosmos into account. It’s about what’s going on above as well as below. Be curious. I too am always curious, and it never fails to move me every time how insights come together, how great things on the cosmic level are reflected in small things down to the SKIN, uniting our BEING with the COSMOS in a wonderful way. Let’s take a look at your personal cosmos together and bring your SKIN & BEING into balance.

I am delighted to present another new treatment concept with my IN TOUCH treatment. This is the condensed version of the comprehensive UNDER THE SKIN treatment, which has been hugely popular for many years. IN TOUCH is ideally suited to a first appointment so that we can get to know each other or as a continuation of a previous session to help gain a deeper understanding. Experience my holistic approach to dealing with everything that’s going on internally and externally in your life and enjoy seeing a visible improvement in your skin!

For me, beauty starts on the inside and is connected to the mind and soul. It’s important to recognise the interaction between the skin and the psyche. For your personal wellbeing, I offer a repertoire of 100% pure and natural products from well-known brands, which I also use in my cosmetic treatments. It goes without saying that all the products are available to buy independently of any treatment in my studio.

If your skin is not properly cleansed and moisturised, it will show straight away. So don’t reach blindly for any products you can lay your hands on. High-quality, pure natural cosmetics will fulfil your requirements to a very high standard and provide the best support for the sensitive balance of your skin and soul. I have been stocking a new product line for the past year. PHARMOS NATUR-GREEN LUXURY is a cosmetic brand for your skin and senses established by Margot Esser in 1986. See how cosmetic products with special SACRED PLANTS can have a totally different effect on the skin than you have ever seen before. Feel how your skin is brought to life by the Green Luxury products as all its cells are reactivated and regain new energy. Feel the gentle pulsating and flow and an intense feeling of wellbeing.

The benefits of Pharmos Natur products at a glance:

• Certified natural cosmetic products,
• Free from mineral oil, parabens and PEGs,
• No added water, alcohol or citric acid,
• Use of 100% Aloe Vera organic extract instead of water.

Would you like to surprise your friends or loved ones with a very personal gift? I warmly recommend my GIFT VOUCHER, which can be exchanged for a look at the recipient’s individual stars or any other appointment with themselves and with HAUT & SEIN.

My approach involves accompanying you on your journey through a relaxed and radiant life, providing you with ongoing support as you define your own wishes and concepts.

To make an appointment, please visit my website at www.hautundsein.de, choose your treatment and book the date and time you want directly online.

Have a great summer and enjoy exploring my new website!

All the best, Jana Pákozdi

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