A new look for HAUT & SEIN

A new look for HAUT & SEIN

Dear Friends of HAUT & SEIN,

When I opened my studio in 2004, I didn’t know how many exceptional and valuable encounters I would have with so many wonderful people. I didn’t realise back then how quickly the years would fly by. Similarly, just as you might be finding your own way with my support, I am also treading new paths in our shared experience, thanks to the carefully considered feedback shared by many of my long-standing clients.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank from the bottom of my heart all those who have enriched and accompanied my life journey until now.

I am absolutely delighted to finally be able to present you with my new-look website in a brand new design. Clear navigation on my website means you can find out about the treatments I offer in detail. My work continues to focus on a holistic treatment concept in the broadest sense, with high-quality cosmetics, sensitive coaching and a harmonious cosmos. A cosmetic facial treatment tailored to your personality, focussing on internal themes, sensitive coaching and astrological consultations with a round-up of your individual constellations and time qualities.

Due to high demand, I have come up with a new treatment offer. This is a combination of what my sensitive perception comes up with and a not-to-be-underestimated share of what our cosmos, your cosmos, radiates back to you. COSMOS AND COSMETICS is perhaps the most amazing and most individual new treatment you and I have ever seen. The starting and finishing point for this beauty treatment is your birth chart. Your birth chart reveals the various characteristics, challenges and resources that shape your life. Building on this, light can be shed on certain key themes that are of particular importance to you.

The treatment can begin and develop in quite different ways. However, it will always provide a view of the essential, as well as an overview of the bigger picture. It is the optimum COSMETIC treatment for you and your SKIN, taking a holistic view of the oscillations of the cosmos into account. It’s about what’s going on above as well as below. Be curious. I too am always curious, and it never fails to move me every time how insights come together, how great things on the cosmic level are reflected in small things down to the SKIN, uniting our BEING with the COSMOS in a wonderful way. Let’s take a look at your personal cosmos together and bring your SKIN & BEING into balance.

I am delighted to present another new treatment concept with my IN TOUCH treatment. This is the condensed version of the comprehensive UNDER THE SKIN treatment, which has been hugely popular for many years. IN TOUCH is ideally suited to a first appointment so that we can get to know each other or as a continuation of a previous session to help gain a deeper understanding. Experience my holistic approach to dealing with everything that’s going on internally and externally in your life and enjoy seeing a visible improvement in your skin!

For me, beauty starts on the inside and is connected to the mind and soul. It’s important to recognise the interaction between the skin and the psyche. For your personal wellbeing, I offer a repertoire of 100% pure and natural products from well-known brands, which I also use in my cosmetic treatments. It goes without saying that all the products are available to buy independently of any treatment in my studio.

If your skin is not properly cleansed and moisturised, it will show straight away. So don’t reach blindly for any products you can lay your hands on. High-quality, pure natural cosmetics will fulfil your requirements to a very high standard and provide the best support for the sensitive balance of your skin and soul. I have been stocking a new product line for the past year. PHARMOS NATUR-GREEN LUXURY is a cosmetic brand for your skin and senses established by Margot Esser in 1986. See how cosmetic products with special SACRED PLANTS can have a totally different effect on the skin than you have ever seen before. Feel how your skin is brought to life by the Green Luxury products as all its cells are reactivated and regain new energy. Feel the gentle pulsating and flow and an intense feeling of wellbeing.

The benefits of Pharmos Natur products at a glance:

• Certified natural cosmetic products,
• Free from mineral oil, parabens and PEGs,
• No added water, alcohol or citric acid,
• Use of 100% Aloe Vera organic extract instead of water.

Would you like to surprise your friends or loved ones with a very personal gift? I warmly recommend my GIFT VOUCHER, which can be exchanged for a look at the recipient’s individual stars or any other appointment with themselves and with HAUT & SEIN.

My approach involves accompanying you on your journey through a relaxed and radiant life, providing you with ongoing support as you define your own wishes and concepts.

To make an appointment, please visit my website at www.hautundsein.de, choose your treatment and book the date and time you want directly online.

Have a great summer and enjoy exploring my new website!

All the best, Jana Pákozdi

2023 – turbulent Times

2023 – turbulent Times

Dear Friends of HAUT & SEIN,

As I already mentioned in the yearly horoscopes for 2021 and 2022, since December 2020 we have been in a new era, the astrological Air Era. Jupiter and Saturn have moved into the movable Air sign, Aquarius. This kind of change in regime only takes place once every 200 years.

Until 2025 we will be in a transition period, during which the old, outdated power structures will be broken down to create new potential for development. A lot of the things that used to guide us will lose credibility and meaning. The pandemic and the subsequent war in Ukraine have led to upheavals that are turning everything upside down globally at a remarkable speed and shaking the foundations of what for a long time seemed so predictable to us.

In less than three years, it has become increasingly clear that we are living through some fundamental changes. These are indeed turbulent times. Even though there doesn’t seem to be much hope at the moment that things will improve in the foreseeable future, we should be able to have a more optimistic view of the future from March 2023 onwards. Until the middle of the decade, this unsettling period will still make its mark, but the spring should see the dawn of a new era.

From an astrological point of view, the hardest times are behind us, because the two-year period of tension between the reformation planet Uranus in Taurus and the traditional planet Saturn in Aquarius has finally been resolved. Saturn seeks security in fixed material structures and traditions. Uranus wants to dissolve the old to make way for new possibilities. The last two years have provided ample opportunity to take a look at what has been achieved so far; combined with what has changed and where there may still be old issues that need to be dealt with.

The new year is beginning quite sluggishly and doesn’t seem to want to get going. The Mars retrograde in Gemini lasts until 12 January 2023 as seen from earth. Normally, Mars gets things moving, but not when it’s in retrograde. Energy can’t flow freely and we are kept busy trying to work through what hasn’t been done. It’s a good time to question the way we do things and dynamics and change them if necessary. Mars is also in opposition to Neptune and represents a weakening of vitality that will continue into March. Manage your strength well and use this time for regeneration.

The transition of Pluto from Capricorn to Aquarius marks the major cosmic event of the new year from 23 March 2023. You may still remember the presidential election when Barack Obama came to power in November 2008, starting his period of office with Pluto in Capricorn. Aquarius is the great enlightener and promoter of equality and independence. It dissolves old values and replaces them with new ones. With the transition of Pluto into Aquarius, the circumstances of the past can be overcome, crises are easier to manage, and new paths can be discovered. We can also achieve more clarity on the potential for personal development and how to make good use of the time available to us, and understand the resulting strength we can gain from making connections with like-minded people.

Initially, there is a relatively short period in which Pluto remains in Aquarius until 11 June 2023. It will then take up its position in this sign from 2024 to 2043. However, we will get a first hint of this new power in 2023. In the first months of spring, we will experience strong impulses of this spirit of awakening, combined with burgeoning possibilities of development for each individual. This is a powerful period, full of life, which should be exploited to its full potential. The development of intellectual skills and the sharing of resources with others will become increasingly important in the years to come. The need to take time for your own wellbeing will increase with awareness of healthy lifestyles, diet and exercise. Until about 2025, there will still be the danger that the old forces of the Earth Era, combined with outdated power structures, will want to convince us to continue striving for material possessions instead of finding out which immaterial values really count.

From 7 March 2023, Saturn will enter Pisces for around two years, starting a period of harmony with Uranus in Taurus. Saturn stands for structure and solidity, as well as for development into an independent personality. When Saturn enters Pisces, we need to develop trust in ourselves. Empathy and compassion are topics that will be significant in the years to come – combined with the chance to recognise that we are on this earth to strengthen and support each other. Pisces is the sign with the greatest willingness to be there for other people; combined with an unerring intuition and a sense of deeper connections. One of the challenges will be placing too little trust in the new and perhaps often unjustifiable. A transformation of the old cannot be achieved overnight. We have to relive the past inwardly in order to let it go. After all, it is meant to last. When it comes to making changes, attentiveness and diligence are therefore required, combined with the task of training our own perception and following what our heart tells us. Retreat and inward reflection will be on the agenda for the next two years.

From June to the beginning of September, then at the end of September and in mid October 2023, the focus will be on relationships. During this special time, we may have very different experiences. Where relationships are out of balance, conflicts may arise, whereas healthy, genuine relationships will deepen. Between 23 July and 4 September, Venus will be in retrograde in Leo. Relationships will be put to the test. But this also offers a valuable opportunity to address issues that may have been overlooked for a long time. It may become clearer what you want from a partnership and what is no longer coherent. Compromises or corrections may be necessary.

In 2023, Mercury, Venus and Mars will at times be in retrograde. Special attention should be paid to this, as during these times strength tends to be directed inwards and is restricted in its outward deployment. At the same time, energy becomes more alert, conscious and concentrated, combined with the desire to engage only with what is being focused on. Sorting things out and creating order will be on the agenda.

Mercury in retrograde
29 December 2022 to 18 January 2023
21 April to 15 May 2023
23 August to 15 September 2023

Mercury in retrograde often leads to difficulties in traffic, trade and travel. Suddenly, many things no longer run as smoothly as usual. New things are put on hold, as patience is now required in these times. More misunderstandings can occur in communication. We need longer to understand how things are connected. Where possible, contracts should not be concluded during this time. If you’re buying technical devices, technical faults may occur and they may have a short life span. During this time, we often have to face up to the past. Be more attentive during this period and always read the small print.

Venus in retrograde
23 July to 4 September 2023

When Venus is in retrograde, our personal and professional relationships are put to the test. You should be more cautious with investing money or anything of value at this time. You will now have the time to sense more clearly what you need to feel more balance and harmony. Whether it’s a professional collaboration or a problem in a personal relationship, disagreements stand out, can no longer be ignored and need clarification. Conversations can provide this clarification and lead to stronger partnerships or separation.

Mars in retrograde
30 October 2022 to 12 January 2023

Mars is usually the planet of power and action, but not when it’s in retrograde. Energy does not flow freely enough and therefore makes us more nervous and irritable. Everything that has to do with traffic and locomotion is affected by disturbances. No vehicles should be purchased during this time. This is an excellent time to put energy into tidying up. Use this time to start something you have been planning to do for some time or finish something you started a while ago and would now like to complete.
The new year 2023 is full of movement, which I have only been able to touch upon in the above yearly outlook. With my coaching, I would like to accompany you as you deal with the challenges of the new year in their entirety and in the context of your individual potential for personal development. Astrology points us in the right direction. The individual answers can be found in your own individual personality.

Thanks to my highly-sensitive perception, I will take you to explore topics that are often hidden deep in your subconscious. This form of “being touched” establishes a connection to the deeper issues so that they can be grasped in another dimension and thus enable more comprehensive answers. Everything you have experienced and your current circumstances are perceived with more intensity than if we just discussed things on a purely rational level. Thoughts and feelings take on a new tone and are looked at from a perspective that has not been available until now. I will then go through the insights I gain with you and put them into order.

I hope that, in this new era, you will make the most of the first signs of the start of a period of renewal in spring 2023 to make your own personal decisions and exploit the development of your own potential. The year ahead will change us for a long time to come. Make the most of this first push to engage with whatever fits in with your own lifestyle.

To make an appointment, please call me on +49 172 6882228 or send me an email to mail@hautundsein.de

I look forward to hearing from you!

All the best, Jana Pákozdi

2022 – change what matters

2022 – change what matters

Dear Friends of HAUT & SEIN,

A challenging and fast-paced year, you could even call 2021 breathless in fact, is drawing to a close. The first year in the new Air Era, which is starting to make it clear how much we are in transition between Tradition and Renewal. What made 2021 stand out were the tensions between the reformation planet Uranus in Taurus and the traditional planet Saturn in Aquarius, the third aspect of which reached its high point on 24 December 2021.

Saturn as the old ruler of the Aquarius sign and Uranus as its new ruler bring together the sense of striving for a personal and sustainable achievement, combined with the desire to find forms and ways of reflecting and explaining what we experience. The difference between the two planets is that Saturn seeks security in fixed material structures and traditions, whilst Uranus wants to dissolve the old to make way for new possibilities. This means that we feel torn between the desire for autonomy, freedom and independence and the need for security.

This might seem contradictory at first glance. Whilst the effects of the pandemic brought with them more change than most would like, there was an even more pronounced desire for change among many people, combined with the need to break free from old habits in favour of new opportunities for personal development.

In the yearly horoscope for 2021 I already mentioned that on 21 December 2020 there was a major change in regime, known as the Great Conjunction, with Jupiter and Saturn in the spiritually agile Air sign Aquarius. This kind of change in regime only takes place once every 200 years. In the Earth Era that now lies behind us, it was all about revolutionising industry, technology, medicine, connected with everything that is measurable and calculable. But it was also about the unbridled consumption of the earth’s resources.

The pandemic shook the foundations of what had long seemed so calculable to us and turned everything in the world upside down at quite a speed. Along with what felt like never-ending lockdowns, many people had the time to reflect on themselves and began, more or less involuntarily, to question their previous lives. Was it a happy or unfortunate situation to be in? At the same time as pressing the stop button, the reset button was often activated as well. The supposed standstill created an amazing kind of energy within, sheltering a burgeoning will to take charge of shaping our own lives and with greater scope for action. Not only in the personal microcosm but also on the global stage, outdated power structures have had to give way to newly discovered possibilities for development.

Initially we all thought that things would go back to how they were before in no time – thanks to vaccination. But that’s not exactly how things will turn out. We may well realise that an era characterised by competition, consumption and capitalism is coming to an end. If issues such as the climate crisis, inequality and the desire for change, especially amongst the younger generations, sometimes felt themselves heard, more and or less loudly, in the years before the pandemic, right now they are the centre of attention and they will turn our lives upside down in future.
The new era ahead of us is defined by forces that cooperate and push us forward. Upheavals, uncertainties and change will not feel threatening. On the contrary, the joy of experimentation will lead to visions being tested for their viability and becoming reality. Qualities like mental flexibility, spiritual freedom, creativity, spirituality and holistic thinking are becoming more and more important, driving technology and science forward in a completely new way. We are still right at the beginning of this new era and are in a kind of transition period. Visionaries like Elon Musk are giving us a taste of what might be possible with their unconventionality, fact-based pragmatism and unbridled curiosity.

Over the past year, repeated attempts have been made to unite things that are no longer connected. Even if some developments have already started out on a new direction, there are still many things that no one knows how they will develop in the future. We just have to see it through. I think that solutions will only come when we stop looking for security in the places we have always found it up until now. We often try to solve problems by using old ways of doing things, and then at some point realise that we need a new way of looking at things. But first, the old tried and tested ways must be completely exhausted. Only then can we manage to get past the old rules and discover completely new paths that give us a completely new feeling of freedom. This cannot take place overnight. We have to relive the past inwardly in order to let it go. At the same time, we need to be sensitive and patient with others who have to free themselves from previous life structures before being able to reorient and position themselves.

This requires staying power and the ability to free yourself from burdens. By remaining true to ourselves in this process and retaining what continues to give us a sense of permanence and by maintaining the feeling that we can combine this with newly acquired experiences, we will give ourselves the chance to go new ways. Preservation and transformation don’t need to be contradictory, they can be two sides of the same coin.
The year 2022 will be another year of transition. The tension between Saturn and Uranus will increase throughout the year and continues to indicate how important new beginnings and the creation of new orders will become. At the beginning of the year in particular and between September and November, we will still feel the conflict between Saturn (the old) and Uranus (the new). We should examine our previous views and ideas with an open mind and honesty. Standing by your decisions, taking a stance with your own inner values and having the courage to say goodbye to what no longer applies to you will be crucial in the new Air Era.

Jupiter occupies an important position as ruling planet of 2022. It will move between Pisces and Aries and from this position will allow us to let go of the old and take the opportunity for a new beginning. Even though not all your goals and wishes may be implemented from a standing start, the first promising steps can be taken. Uranus is in the ascending lunar node for several months and so many paths to renewal will be revealed.

Jupiter in a harmonious aspect to Neptune combines confidence with our dreams and aspirations. With this constellation, the feeling of human connection increases. Our intuitive perception also gets stronger, along with the feeling of being part of a bigger whole. The first reliable ideas and solutions become clear. At the same time, this may also lead to exaggerated illusory expectations. It’s advisable to remain vigilant and make constant checks. In April, a Jupiter/Neptune constellation will allow us to experience what it means to feel universally connected and will give us a taste of this new era. That feeling of everything falling into place and coming to us at the right moment.

From 29 December 2021 to 10 May 2022, Jupiter will be in its old ruling sign, Pisces. This is a time for mindful togetherness. Jupiter in Pisces combines the desire for expansion with the need for altruism. In these times, we are in tune with our intuition. This is a time in which difficult subjects, not least the pandemic, can be processed and understood in a bigger context. Worries, long-standing sadness and the past can be let go. Indulgence, forgiveness and compassion for other people’s problems can lead to creative impulses being set in motion.

From 11 May to 28 October, Jupiter is in Aries, marking the start of a more optimistic mood. The need for freedom steeply rises and motivation levels are high. There is so much to do. This period is ideal for achieving set goals. Our ability to assert ourselves and our sense of initiative reveal themselves. The courage to take risks is required. In November and December, Jupiter is back in Pisces for a short time. Tangible results will only become apparently when Jupiter finally ends up back in Aries on 20 December. By the end of the year, we should be ready to get started.

In my coaching, I would like to accompany you as you take the next steps in the new beginnings that started in 2021 and prepare the way for the new era to begin. Astrology points us in the right direction. The individual answers can be found in your own individual personality. My highly sensitive perception helps me support you as you unearth issues that are often hidden in the subconscious. This form of “being touched” establishes a connection to the deeper issues so that they can be grasped in another dimension and thus enable more comprehensive answers. Everything you have experienced and your current circumstances are perceived with more intensity than if we just discussed things on a purely rational level. Thoughts and feelings take on a new tone and are looked at from a perspective that has not been available until now. I will then go through the insights I gain with you and put them into order.

To make an appointment, please call me on +49 172 01726882228 or send me an email at mail@hautundsein.de.

I look forward to hearing from you and wish you all the best for 2022. May you have the courage to follow your heart, enjoy being part of this change of era and make the most of the opportunities it brings.

All the best, Jana Pákozdi